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The Hyaluron Serum contains pure aloe vera gel. Enriched with Argan and Retinol, based on aloe vera from the aloe vera plant and not water. The serum is vegan and free from silicone, microplastics, hormones, parabens, PEGs, mineral oils and synthetic dyes.

The argan, retinol (vitamin A) and aloe vera have the positive properties that they are anti-wrinkle, as they enable anti-aging effects and improve skin structures and thus act together as face care, for example.

Suitable as a face cream, cleansing gel, retinol cream, anti-wrinkle cream and body lotion, both for women and men. It has a similar effect to vitamin C serum or aloe vera organic serum and therefore offers similar anti-cellulite or anti-aging effects.

The natural ingredients are gentle on the skin, are suitable for skin care against dry skin and have been dermatologically tested. The serum with aloe vera gel can therefore also be used as an everyday skin cream.

It can also be used in combination with a day cream, night cream, derma roller, moss ointment, lash lift, eye cream, microneedling, acne cream, pimple cream, face roller or face oil to provide increased hydration.

QUALITY - Our Summer Foot Black Head Mask is dermatologically tested. It contains valuable ingredients that are intended to thoroughly cleanse the face.

NATURAL ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - The activated charcoal in the mask is designed to absorb odors and retain moisture in the skin.

EFFECT - Our active ingredient formula serves to remove blackheads, impurities and acne, as well as old tissue and excess sebum on the skin. The mask should open pores when you remove it.

RESULTS - Summer Foot is known for quality and customer satisfaction - test reports, videos and pictures from our customers speak for themselves. Convince yourself of the new and easy way to remove blackheads!

SATISFACTION - Not satisfied with the result of the Summer Foot Black Head Mask? We will refund you the purchase price! Just contact us.


Step 1: Clean your face with warm water and leave a warm towel on your face for 1-3 minutes to open pores.

Step 2: Apply a medium to thick coat (2mm) to the desired area.

Step 3: Allow the mask to dry for 15-30 minutes to ensure the mask is completely dry and then gently peel off. Finally, wash your face with warm water and apply moisturizer if necessary.

CONTENT - 60 eye pads made of medical silicone as beauty face masks to remove dark circles. Anti Dark Circles Pads for Anti Aging and Anti Wrinkles for Women and Men.

APPLICATION - Suitable to support face creams, general face care or moisturizers. Works like and supports Hyaluronic Serum or Hyaluronic Gel or Bio Retinol. Easy to use to take care of the eyes.

RESULTS - Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle eye pad. Silicone pads for anti dark circles. Intended for all skin types, men and women. The eye patches should also work for reduced bags under the eyes.

NOURISHING - The ingredients are gentle on the skin and have been dermatologically tested. This eye mask for the face can therefore also be used in combination with a day cream, night cream, face cream and eye cream.

INFORMATION - The pads include German instructions. Can also be used in combination with hyaluronic acid, high-dose retinol serum, eye serum, a cooling eye mask, a derma wand, a face lifting tape, a hydrogel patch, an eye massager or an eye massager.

Our pads can be worn perfectly as an anti-pimple mask and adapt individually to your skin.

The cooling pads have a very pleasant effect on your skin and help you to make your neck area look even better. They are therefore an ideal addition to your beauty set.

By wearing the mask set, skin impurities are specifically combated. In addition, the formation of wrinkles can be prevented and metabolic processes can be stimulated. The pads thus offer a super anti-aging effect. Goodbye impure skin!

The pads do not need any expert application and can be used by anyone.

Consisting of silicone, our pads can be used several times and do not have to be disposed of after a single use. On the one hand, this protects the environment and, on the other hand, means that you get more for your money!

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