Callus Socks: Perfect against calluses

Hard skin has formed an important protective layer for the feet since time immemorial. On the one hand, the callus protects the feet from mechanical stress when walking barefoot and from pressure points caused by shoes that are too tight. On the other hand, the callus on the feet also protects against viruses, bacteria, germs, acids and other harmful foreign substances.

But we don't live in the Stone Age anymore! The foot skin is well protected by the right shoes, so that thick calluses, cracks and excessive calluses are more of a nuisance than a benefit.

Especially in summer we want beautiful, well-groomed, delicate and velvety feet. We can do without unsightly calluses and thick callus layers.

That's why many women (but also more and more men) tackle the annoying calluses on their feet week after week with callus rasps, callus files, pumice stones or other callus removers.

Since manual callus removal is very time-consuming, thinner callus layers are difficult to work on and callus removal often has to be repeated, callus socks have now established themselves as the ideal means of removing calluses in foot care and pedicures.


"Working on" the hard skin of the feet with a hard skin file, hard skin rasp or pumice stone every week during foot care and pedicures is time-consuming and annoying.

That's why the triumph of callus socks has arrived. Callus socks are offered in the form of foot masks that simply have to be slipped over the feet for a short time. This completely eliminates the need for mechanical removal of the cornea.

Callus socks are even used in medical foot care, since a too thick layer of calluses can also lead to tension, cracks and cracks in the skin of the feet. The elimination of unnecessary calluses on the feet is not only for beauty, but also for health.


As numerous customer reviews show, many users love the very simple application of the popular Summer Foot Anti-Callus Foot Mask.

Summer Foot can also conveniently order two foot masks online, one for women and one for men:

The foot mask socks are coated on the inside with high-quality active ingredients. The foot mask socks are simply pulled over the feet like two socks. Leave on for 2 hours - done! Just rinse your feet. That's it - no sanding, filing or rasping necessary. Superfluous layers of skin and calluses will now dissolve within 5 - 7 days.

The detached layers of skin can simply be peeled off. The result is impressive: velvety soft, baby-soft feet without calluses, cracks and calluses. Such beautiful feet are something to be proud of!


Foot mask is not just a foot mask! If you opt for a foot mask to remove calluses, you should make sure that the socks also contain the right ingredients for the skin.

The Summer callus socks prove in an impressive way that foot mask socks can be very effective without containing dangerous acids or corrosive substances.

Because the Summer Foot foot masks contain valuable UREA and cucumber extract to remove calluses. On the other hand, salicylic acid is deliberately avoided.

In addition to the good effect of removing calluses, the Summer Foot callus remover socks also supply the feet with nourishing substances. Our moisturizing foot mask also helps with dry foot skin.

In addition, our foot masks have been dermatologically well tested! Even animal testing was avoided in the development of the sensational active formula.

Effective for a long time: The foot peeling effect lasts for 2 - 3 months, so that frequent callus removal does not have to be carried out.

Conclusion: With the Summer Foot foot mask, calluses and calluses can be easily removed. Our callus socks are ideal for foot care and pedicures at home. The result is beautiful, well-groomed feet without calluses that are impressive!