Here's how it works

Pull foot masks over your feet and leave on for 2 hours

Remove foot masks and wash feet carefully with water

After about 5 - 7 days your feet should start peeling

After 7-10 days
you will have soft feet
and skin

Summer Foot feet after just one application

Foot care can be so easy and uncomplicated. Our Summer Foot Premium foot mask is designed to kill calluses after just one application.

Simply pull the unique foot mask over your feet for 2 hours and let the mask work. If you want, you can pull socks over the masks so that the masks fit snugly on the foot. Then wash your feet with water − done!

The peeling process, during which dead skin is removed, should start after just 5 - 7 days. Now these can simply be removed from the feet.

The result

Summer Foot that can be felt and seen. Without any pain or dangerous corneal rasping or the mechanical use of pumice stone.

The simple application of the peeling mask makes it easy to follow the beauty trend towards summer feet.

Summer feet through Summer Foot's unique foot mask

Our unique foot mask is a very effective peeling mask that is designed to remove dead skin from the entire area of ​​your feet. The ingredients then serve to support the skin in absorbing moisture.

Women (or men) only need to leave our callus socks on for 2 hours. The summer foot peeling process begins as early as 5 - 7 days. Orders of our unique Summer Foot products are also possible via PayPal, Klarna or other payment providers. Shipping only takes 1-2 business days.

Already more than 1000 positive customer reviews

Over 1000 customer reviews underline the great success of the Summer Foot Premium foot mask with urea and cucumber extract. Give it a try... The double pack even comes with free shipping...