Magnet eyelashes instructions

Beautiful, long, strong eyelashes emphasize the beauty of every woman. Such a seductive look of eyes enchants men in an irresistible way.

Until now, however, it was rather complicated and not entirely easy to use artificial eyelash extensions, false eyelashes or Show off fake lashes.

That's why a whole new generation of 3D magnetic eyelashes has been established that offers numerous advantages.


Magnetic eyelashes are becoming increasingly popular because they have some convincing advantages over traditional glue-on eyelashes and other eyelash extensions.

  • Advantage 1: Magnetic eyelashes can be easily attached to your own eyelashes in just a few minutes
  • Advantage 2: Magnetic eyelashes can be used multiple times
  • Advantage 3: The allergy risk with magnetic eyelashes is low because no glue is necessary.
  • Advantage 4: No drying time necessary, as with false eyelashes for gluing
  • Advantage 5: Impressive volume of the eyelashes thanks to 2 additional rows of eyelashes
  • Advantage 6: High wearing comfort of the magnetic eyelashes thanks to ultra-light, tiny magnets
  • Advantage 7: High cost savings due to multiple use compared to adhesive eyelashes


Magnet eyelashes consist of 2 rows of eyelashes per eye, each with 2 tiny magnets attached. The 2 rows of eyelashes are clicked together on the lash line above and below your own eyelashes - done!

The Magnet Eyelashes from Summer Foot have particularly small and light magnets that are hardly noticeable and almost invisible.

The Summer Foot Premium eyelashes are made of high-quality 3D poly fibers, which impress with their low weight and natural feel.

Instructions: How to apply magnet eyelashes?

Anyone who is used to sticking on false eyelashes knows how painful removing artificial eyelashes can be. And how much skill is required when gluing the extensions.

Using the 3D magnets, on the other hand, is extremely easy, as no glue is even necessary for the artificial eyelashes. Simply surround your own eyelashes with the 2 magnetic rows of eyelashes like a sandwich.

To do this, the 2 rows of eyelashes simply have to be placed precisely on the lash line. If it doesn't work, simply push the magnets apart again carefully and attach the rows of eyelashes correctly again.

Since no glue is used, no makeup can be smeared.

The magnets also hold the artificial eyelashes securely, so that even during physical activity (e.g. b while dancing) there is no embarrassing moment.

Please make sure to attach the correct row of eyelashes above and below your own eyelashes.

After wearing the magnetic eyelashes, you can carefully clean the eyelash rows of make-up residue so that they give you a perfect appearance the next time you use them.


Summer Foot's magnetic eyelashes are made from voluminous 3D poly fibers that give an absolutely natural look of strong, natural-looking eyelashes. The magnets are extremely light and powerful so that the artificial eyelashes fit perfectly in every situation and are hardly noticeable when worn.

The premium product quality of the eyelash bands means they can be used multiple times.

If you are interested in artificial eyelashes in the form of magnetic eyelashes 3D or If you choose magnetic lashes from Summer Foot, you will benefit from the advantages of a sustainable premium beauty product.

Overall, the application is very easy and the look is impressive. Since Summer Foot offers a satisfaction guarantee, every fashion-conscious woman should definitely test the new magnetic eyelashes - especially since the price is affordable and ordering online is easy.