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Detox Plaster Foot Pads
Detox patches What do detox patches do for detoxification? Detox patches are designed to help the body and metabolism detoxify. Simply put on the detox patch Glue the sole of the foot. Order detox foot pads online ... Detox patches...
Callus Socks: Perfect against calluses

Beautiful, well-groomed feet without cracks or calluses

Since manual callus removal is very time-consuming, thinner callus layers are difficult to work on and callus removal often has to be repeated, callus socks have now established themselves as the ideal means of removing calluses in foot care and pedicures.

Pedicure: foot care tips for beautiful feet

What does a pedicure involve?

"Pedicure" is just another name for "foot care." In a pedicure, 2 things are in the foreground: the treatment of the toenails and the care of the skin of the feet. The care of the skin of the feet is particularly about the removal of calluses, the removal of corns, the cleaning and care of the skin and deodorization.

Magnet eyelash instructions

What advantages do magnet eyelashes promise?

Beautiful, long, strong eyelashes underline the beauty of every woman. Such a seductive look enchants men in an irresistible way.

Therefore, a whole new generation of 3D magnetic eyelashes has been established, which offers numerous advantages.

Foot peeling with a mask

Methods against annoying calluses

Beautiful, well-groomed feet not only look good. Velvety soft, delicate feet are also a pleasant feel-good factor. Foot peeling is a good way to get rid of annoying calluses, calluses and cracks on your feet quickly and easily.

Home remedies for calluses

Home remedies for calluses

When people roamed through forests, meadows and country lanes barefoot or with unsuitable shoes, a thick callus on the feet was essential for protecting the feet.

Today our feet are well protected by suitable shoes, so that an excessive callus layer, cracks and calluses are more of a hindrance. 

Remove calluses on feet

Callus removal - How to get rid of calluses quickly

No question, hard skin on the feet looks ugly and makes an unkempt impression. Another problem: thick corneal layers can even cause tension and pain.