Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)
Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)

Double pack of foot masks for women (2 pairs)

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You will receive 2 foot mask packs with 2 masks each at a low special price.

Our Summer Foot foot masks are ideal for easy and painless use and are used to remove calluses. Summer Foot's premium foot masks allow you to care at home with wonderful summer feet as a result within seven days.

Our foot mask is the perfect exfoliating foot mask for summer feet. The application is extremely easy and painless: pull the 2 supplied foot masks over your feet and leave them on for 2 hours (if necessary, put on 2 socks so that the masks fit more tightly). Then wash your feet with water and you’re done. The peeling effect begins after 5-7 days at the latest. Any dead calluses can then simply be removed.

Treat yourself to relaxed foot care without the hassle of rasping or planing calluses.

Our Summer Foot foot mask is a premium product with high-quality, carefully selected ingredients. The Summer Foot Premium foot mask enables easy foot care at home for the perfect Summer Foot feet.

Dermatologically tested: Our premium foot mask was dermatologically tested and rated “very good”.

Valuable urea and cucumber extract: The peeling foot mask contains selected ingredients such as urea and cucumber extract. For gentle foot care, we have deliberately avoided using aggressive acids such as salicylic acid.

No animal testing: No animal testing was carried out when developing our foot masks.


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Um zu erfahren wie genau die Summer Foot Fußmasken funktionieren schau Dir bitte unsere “Über uns” und “So funktioniert’s” Bereiche auf dieser Webseite an. 

Jede Verpackung enthält genau zwei Fußmasken, eine für jeden Fuß, sodass Du mit einer Verpackung genau eine Anwendung durchführen kannst. In Abhängigkeit von der individuellen Beschaffenheit und Beanspruchung Deiner Füße empfehlen wir die Fußmasken alle zwei bis drei Monate anzuwenden, um langzeitig Sommerfüße zu haben.

Ziehe die Masken über Deine Füße und vergewissere Dich, dass wirklich der gesamte Fuß von der Maske abgedeckt wird – Wir empfehlen zusätzlich ein Paar Socken über die Füße zu ziehen, um sicherzustellen, dass wirklich jeder Bereich der Füße von den Masken bedeckt ist.
Masken für bis zu 2 Stunden wirken lassen. Während die Masken wirken kannst Du ein warmes, kribbelndes Gefühl an den Füßen spüren. Bitte entferne die Masken sofort, falls diese in irgendeiner Form stark unangenehme Gefühle oder ein Brennen oder Jucken der Haut verursachen sollten.
Sollte das passieren, die Füße anschließend sorgfältig mit Wasser abspülen.

Warte 7-10 bis der Peelingprozess einsetzt. Abhängig vom Zustand Deiner Füße und der Menge an alter Haut/ Hornhaut, die du dort hast, kann die Tagesanzahl dabei leicht variieren. Bitte beachte, dass der Peelingprozess bei manchen Personen stärker und bei anderen weniger stark einsetzen kann. Sofern der Peelingprozess nach einer ersten Anwendung noch nicht zu Deiner Zufriedenheit eingesetzt hat, solltest Du die Anwendung nach 20-30 Tagen noch einmal wiederholen.

Lasse die Masken für bis zu 2 Stunden wirken. Während die Masken wirken kannst Du ein warmes, kribbelndes Gefühl an den Füßen spüren. Bitte entferne die Masken sofort, falls diese in irgendeiner Form stark unangenehme Gefühle oder ein Brennen oder Jucken der Haut verursachen sollten.

Sollte das passieren, die Füße anschließend sorgfältig mit Wasser abspülen.

Alle Summer Foot Produkte können direkt hier auf der Seite gekauft werden.

Happy promise

We at Summer Foot promise the highest quality and always pay attention to the motto "The customer is king", as your well-being is our top priority at all times.

Summer Foot Effect

Your feet are very soft after use. Without the hassle of rubbing, rubbing or cutting.

Natural ingredients

Our selected ingredients include urea and cucumber extract for the natural treatment of the foot. We also avoid aggressive acids such as salicylic acid.

Not tested on animals

Our masks are not tested on animals, which is something we take great care of. No animal should have to suffer for our products - a promise we will always keep.

Celine B.
Easy and fast Cool packaging
Olga W.
recommended. tested. nothing to complain about!
Marion Z.
Better two than one ;)
shina s.
Finally smooth feet again simple and uncomplicated application!!
The decision for two packs was great!!
Bibi k.
Ordered two so it's worth it works well
Marit d.
Thanks for the nice advice!
Gerda 1.
Do what should do :)
Hannah d.
Really fun to peel :)
lara d.
Great product!
Katha 1.
I was allowed to test this great foot mask as part of a product test. It was tested on my mother because her feet are very stressed and dry. The application was very easy and pleasant. A few days after application, the dry and calloused skin peeled off, leaving super beautiful and soft skin. The feet look very well cared for afterwards. We really liked this foot mask and would repeat it.
Fabienne D.
I've tried a number of products against calluses and I've never really been impressed with the results. Now this product catches my eye and I think it's amazing what kind of feet you have afterwards the product keeps what it promises! Definitely recommended! Since I wasn't sure at first whether I really wanted to test this product, I wrote to the seller! I just have to mention them here, they are super nice and helpful! That's another plus! For me, it's just important to know that you'll be served politely :-)
Lina A.
Wow! The effect of the mask is really incredible. I have had severe problems with dry, itchy calluses for years. This could not even be removed with a callus roller! 5 days after the application, my foot started to "shed skin" after 3 days the entire top layer of skin / calluses was gone. In the places where the callus was very pronounced, the process took a little longer than in the other places. It didn't hurt at all. My feet are incredibly soft and look very well cared for. I'm glad I ordered the mask! If my feet get back to their old state, I will definitely order the mask again. My family members and friends are thrilled with the result and now want to order the mask too!
customer 1.
I bought the foot mask because of the large number of positive reviews and I am also satisfied. However, if you remove nail polish beforehand, it will come off and the skin will become discolored. Only when the skin is loosened is the color gone! Already the next day the feet feel different, tighten a bit, see the first picture. After 4 days you can loosen the first shreds, see second picture, but you should be patient until the skin, which then feels like a thin leather skin, more or less comes off by itself. Otherwise you get wounds in your skin. This has already been rated poorly here, but in my opinion it has more to do with impatience. Because after a week, the skin can be loosened almost by itself. Sure, there are places where you only get small scraps, but that can be rubbed off quite well. In any case, your feet look really bad for at least a week, but after that you have super soft feet. I couldn't believe it myself, but it convinced me. Now I'm curious how long it lasts.
Customer 1.
I used this foot mask and the skin peeled off completely within the next few days. So what this mask promises really works! One star deduction because this mask unfortunately smells very unpleasant, but that's not that bad.
Highly recommended! I am glad that I ordered the mask despite my initial skepticism. The first skin peeled off after just 3 days. Summer can come!
The foot mask is easy to use and is also suitable for very large feet. I then put socks on and let them work for 2 hours . I'm absolutely thrilled my skin started to clear up on the 3rd day. day to solve. (Even hard skin goes away) I will definitely order it more often
It works! I'm really excited. I was really skeptical at first when I opened it the rumor put me off too my first thought was hopefully I'll still have my feet afterwards :) but it was great. Slightly tickled. Washed off after 2 hours. After 5 days the peeling effect started for me. Awesome!
Works. after 5 days my feet turned into skinning snakes and after 10 days feet were softer than ever. and no skin irritations despite neurodermatitis skin. Top . I'll use it again in a month for the very small leftovers
What can I say? Got it, tried it and fell in love. The feet peel for a few days, you can see how beautiful they are getting again, I will definitely order them again. Especially for people who don't always have the time to do pedicures, I recommend them because you simply wrap them around your feet in the evening while watching TV and then take them off again after 2 hours. Am thrilled.
I was hesitant to use the foot mask at first as I found the photos in the other reviews to be pretty creepy. Once applied, I have to say that the whole procedure is not as bad as it looks when the skin comes off your feet. At first maybe. It takes a little getting used to when you have to fumble away skin residue from your socks & feet, but the result is really great. My feet feel very soft and cared for and no longer have rough spots. I've never had such well-groomed feet, I'm thrilled and would use the mask again at any time. My recommendation for the application time is rather autumn / winter. Because it's simply more comfortable & doesn't look so nice in hot temperatures if you want to show your feet.
The product got to me quickly. I ordered this product out of curiosity. And didn't know exactly what happened after the application. After a few days, the old skin began to gently peel off. After about 8 days I was able to peel off the skin without pain. My feet were very soft and it felt comfortable. Summer can come for me. :)
I bought this product last early summer. A little late, but still justifiable. I found it very good value for money. The effect amazed me. This year I bought a different product and it showed me how lucky I was last year. The effect described started after about 3-5 days for me, the peeling process then took a little more than 2 weeks. I followed the instructions on the packaging. Next year I will buy Summer Foot again.
In the beginning I was quite skeptical whether such a foot mask could really work. I chose this one because the seller was very communicative and helpful with my questions. The product was delivered very quickly and the design looks great. A week ago I used the foot mask. The foot mask is put on like a sock and should be approx. be worn for 2 hours. Inside the foot mask is a damp cloth that completely moistens the sole of the foot. With a glue stick, it can be tightened a little after putting it on, so there is no risk of liquid escaping. Socks are worn over them and you can do everything you normally do as usual. So you don't have to sit or lie down somewhere for 2 hours. However, since we were going to watch a movie anyway, I used them that night. after approx. I've been in the shower for 2 hours and washed my feet thoroughly with soap. My feet felt different, and they did the next day. A feeling as if the skin were stretched. An effect was then only on the 3rd day to see. The skin started peeling. Gradually, I was able to easily peel off these scraps of skin. This peeling process lasted 3 days for me. Today my skin feels very soft and I have no calluses at all. I also have to say that there is no need to worry about normal/healthy skin being peeled off as well. I recommend using the mask if you don't intend to wear open-toed shoes, since the peeling process is different for everyone and can last up to 14 days. Otherwise I can recommend the foot mask to everyone. I don't know when was the last time I had baby soft feet. A great feeling.
Nadine H.
I really liked the product. I was skeptical at first because not much happened at the beginning. But after a few days the detachment process started. What remains are soft, delicate feet. Perfect for the summer ;-)
The application of the foot mask is super easy. At first I was skeptical about the effect, but after a few days the skin really started to peel. This process takes some getting used to, but the result is great. Bany soft feet are guaranteed. Will be used more often from now on.
I am very satisfied, my skin was very soft after using it and the application is also easy to understand. Super nice design.
I have naturally drier feet and then came across this mask. Awesome, finally soft feet again. Handling is very easy, the smell is reminiscent of disinfectants, but you don't have to endure it for long. Skin compatibility is also excellent!
Tamara. Tests
I was skeptical at first if it would really work. You have to have it on your feet for 2 hours and then wash your feet. After 3-4 days the skin begins to peel. Result: soft and beautiful Summer Feet :)
The product does what it promises. After about 5 days the skin starts to loosen. The application was very easy and the socks hold tight, no leakage of the liquid. The product tolerated well no skin irritation or anything like that.
it is very user-friendly, but you have to endure it for 3 hours and if you have a lot of calluses, a second application is recommended
The product was great, it was super easy to use, it's also perfect for on the go or for a girls' night out. 2 days later the peeling process started, each day peels more and max. 1 week later you pull everything off, it's easy to pull off, conclusion top
as can be read and recognized in the pictures and the descriptions. the foot mask does exactly what it is supposed to do. It's a bit unusual at first, but the result is impressive. Top.
I'm thrilled, as described, the callus really went away within a week. Admittedly, from the 4th During the day the foot looks really bad and if you walk barefoot you can see it on the carpet. But even the calluses on the toenails are gone and the foot just looks beautiful again. Nothing hurt and nothing burned
The mask does what it promises! The peeling process is stimulated by fruit acid! My darling was lucky, shoe size 47 just fit into the mask shoes!!!! Result as predicted! It took a little more time than expected until everything was tip top, pink and delicate to look at again, but it works! Perhaps much more effective with regular use every 2 months! Nice seller and always get answers about the product! Just try it out!
After my husband saw what the foot mask did to my feet, he wanted to try it too. The normal foot mask from Summerfoot would probably have been enough. But I think the masks for men are a little bigger. But he also has huge feet The application is also very easy for men. Simply put it on and make sure that only the parts of the skin of the foot that should be replaced are in the liquid. After a few days, the peeling starts. During this time, you should definitely wear socks at all times so that you don't wear them in bed, etc. lands. During the peeling process, you can support the skin with cream. After a few weeks, the feet are presentable and ready for the bathing season.
I am posting the result of the mask for women because it is identical except for the smell and size of the footlets. Almost all of you are probably familiar with the topic of hard skin on your feet. My heels in particular are extremely calloused. Of course I care for them regularly with a foot bath, callus rasp and special foot cream. And yet after 2-3 days my feet look the same as before, sometimes I think that the calluses have become even thicker and uglier, despite the extreme amount of time spent on care. Now I've tried the much-touted foot mask from Summer Foot, which promises soft skin with a one-time peeling - with a long-lasting effect. Of course I was super curious and on a day off I tried it out. Full of euphoria, I studied the first point in the well-explained instructions for use. You wash your feet, dry them and put on the so-called "socks". These foil stockings contain a solution that has to act on the skin over a certain period of time. I followed the instructions exactly and then got to the point: "Wear the socks for approx. 2 hours". Oh great, I still had so much to do like vacuum cleaning, ironing etc. But that wasn't a problem, it's recommended to pull a pair of normal socks over it to fix it firmly. Said and done. It was like walking on eggshells, but I was able to go about my tasks with squeaky steps ;-) After the exposure time, the foils were removed and the feet were washed thoroughly again. Now it was time to wait and see what happens. According to the outer packaging, the peeling process should start after 7-10 days. Already after 4 days, the skin started to peel off the feet. Primarily in the front area, a few days later this phenomenon extended to the entire foot. It looked quite unusual, now and then a recommended foot bath accelerated the skin separation. Of course I helped and removed the dead skin with my fingers. During this time, my vacuum cleaner was used more and more, because there were bits of skin all over the place ;-) Anyone who thinks it would be painful is wrong. You don't notice anything at all. The whole "peeling process" took almost 2 weeks with a breathtaking result. The feet are silky smooth, even the extremely hard skin on the heels has disappeared. It has now been more than 3 weeks since the application and my feet are still free of calluses. According to the manufacturer, this delicate feeling on the skin should last up to 12 weeks. I'm more than thrilled that the foot mask is so effective, I honestly wouldn't have thought it. All in all, the ingredients are in the green range, which makes me particularly happy because I will use the product more often without hesitation. The mask is dermatologically tested and was not developed through animal testing. The price is just under 20.00 euros. It is also offered for men, who are known to have larger feet. For more fun facts, I recommend checking out Summer Foot's website. Conclusion: Once again a product that really delivers what it promises. And since next summer is guaranteed to come and I'll get the sandals out of the closet, I'm 100% sure that I'll get my feet in shape with this mask shortly before. Because you should also present beautiful feet in smart shoes, right?
Works perfectly
Maria A.
My son tried this and is completely satisfied Good product and will buy again!
I bought this product for my husband and what can I say. I was really excited about the women's product. If you want to get rid of your calluses, you have come to the right place with this and also the product for women. Of course, the price is a deterrent at first, but the cheap ones in the drugstores have by no means had the same effect as this one. I have already recommended it to others privately. Top
I ordered the foot mask for my boyfriend. Just in time for vacation :). Now that he's tested them, I can share the following conclusion with you: also perfect for large feet, at first the feet seem a bit dry BUT afterwards baby-soft! The skin comes off afterwards, gradually super easy and is absolutely not painful! Only to recommend.
I bought it on a lightning deal for my husband, now we finally tested it and I have to say it's great. We have had the other version several times which is good too but even better if you have thick calluses.
Recommended to everyone. I wasn't sure and had tested other providers before, but what this product does is worth more than five stars. Will order again.
This foot mask serves its purpose. After use, you can already tell that the skin on your feet becomes very dry, which is really uncomfortable at first (you get used to it). A few days later the first molts begin, after a week you actually have large pieces of skin that you can pull off your feet. That can sometimes look a bit disgusting. The feet are very smooth and soft afterwards. Unfortunately, at least on my feet, there were problems getting the skin off the heels, because the skin is a bit thicker there and cannot be pulled off so easily, and the result was not as desired (or did I have too much callus on the area? ). Nevertheless, I am satisfied and I get full points.
Does exactly what it promises and works exactly as described. 100% recommendation!
Expensive, very expensive but very effective, very good! Less packaging waste, please.
Great . works better than any other peeling mask Marco Pilia
I just like it. and it works perfectly. very nice soft feet.
I was a bit skeptical because until now I had only tackled my cornea with "manual" tools. As described, you need a little patience, it took me 5 days, but then it really started :-). Although it is somewhat uncomfortable that in bed or when you walk barefoot, the scraps of skin come loose and spread, but where else should they go? All in all I will do it again, my wife, who was skeptical at first, will now try it too. So I highly recommend it from my point of view.
I was a bit skeptical because until now I had only tackled my cornea with "manual" tools. As described, you need a little patience, it took me 5 days, but then it really started :-). Although it is somewhat uncomfortable that in bed or when you walk barefoot, the scraps of skin come loose and spread, but where else should they go? All in all I will do it again, my wife, who was skeptical at first, will now try it too. So I highly recommend it from my point of view.
madness!!! After about 7 days, the sweet began to peel. The skin was super easy to remove. Then rub it in thoroughly and you have a really great result. I would buy again and again. Great product
I was skeptical. But it worked great. Not much happened the first few days. But then the upper layers of the skin dried up and cracked. Underneath was then tender rosy skin. I was a little impatient and then started tapping into areas of skin that seemed loose. I tore the skin underneath in two places. That was stupid. So just be patient. The skin peels off completely and the result is super soft.
Jasmine G.
I tried both the women's and men's version. I'm size 42.5 and I found the men's version a bit more comfortable because it offers more space. What I noticed as a difference is that the calluses on the women's version came off faster, after 10 days it was all gone. This variant took a few days longer. But the result was the same: wonderfully soft feet. It lasts a few months, then you might want to use it again.
Just great :)

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